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Due to the combined religious and ideological nature of Islam, the only chance for Europe to address the matter with some decent hope… is to organise a vast ideological unity in Europe, restore Judeo-Christianity as the recognised heritage of Europe, re-check seriously the historical memory and spiritual identity of Europe at the foundations of the civil society of the modern age.

unless you pay someone to do your work for you, in which case you get significantly more than you put in. also: the opposite of theft? are you returning stolen merchandise here? no, what you’re doing is acquiring a grade for a student who didn’t earn it. you are enabling that student to steal the academic rewards they would not earn for themselves. it’s enabling theft, but if you’re really not comfortable with that word, fine. we’ll just call it fraud, then.

In this case, the mods have decided they don’t believe this question violates those standards. It’s their website, whatever, though I disagree. But that’s a lot different than them not deleting the question because questions of all types are allowed on Ask.

To manifest what you want in life, from a metaphysical standpoint, I would highly encourage you to sit quietly with a pen and paper, and write exactly what it is that you want to create in your life. Write what you want in great detail. The more detailed you are, the better. Remember, this is about being extremely clear about what it is that you want.

On May 29th they reported back to the waiting delegates at Vereeniging with the British terms and after two days of spirited debate, the delegates voted in favour of accepting the terms. The five Generals then returned to Pretoria, where the peace Treaty was signed on May 31, 1902. The Afrikaners accepted that the old Republics would become British colonies, but would eventually gain responsible self-government. The treaty also made provision for, the freeing and repatriation of Boer prisoners, the use of the Dutch language in schools and the courts, even though English would be the official language. Britain also agreed to pay 3 million pounds to assist in restoration work.

Research is the backbone of development. Human development has been a consequence of strong research. It is this research that enabled man to discover, explore and unveil so many mysteries. As long as research continues, so will human development Research has to be continued for the sake of development and young scholars need to be trained for that. Research is a very skilful and precise task. Research usually aims at solving a particular topic or question and the author attempts to craft his own opinion around strong evidence and works of other authors and researchers. In this way the researcher provides his opinion in the light of strong arguments. Other researchers may try to prove him wrong through their research and thus, the refinement of knowledge. The knowledge that should reach the general folks should be concrete enough, only then it can become a universal fact”.

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Noelle: I started with a tentative topic, to explore the rural population drop in the prairies. I initially focused on Alberta, but it was too broad to suit my purpose for writing. I refined my thesis by concentrating on Lamont County and the town of Chipman. For history it is also important to consider the question within a larger context. For me, that meant giving some statistics and information on other regions in Canada.

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